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International Women's Day Special in collaboration with Harbour and Tide - Sittingsuits

Shop 06.03.24

Words Katy Lassen, Founder Harbour & Tide

We celebrate International Women’s Day in collaboration with lifestyle store Harbour & Tide, as we talk to some of the store’s female led sustainable brands about their inspiration, aspiration and celebrating success.

Sittingsuits was born out of a passion for providing a sustainable and comfortable solution to keep people warm in outdoor settings. Co-founders, Rebecca Johansen and Vibe Johansson, joined forces to create a unique and innovative product that caters to the needs of various industries and helps businesses unlock the full potential of their outdoor spaces and activities.

Sittingsuits are our bestselling wearable blankets at Harbour & Tide that keep you warm and dry, right down to your ankles! Perfect for beach walks, al fresco dining or wrapping up after a cold sea swim, we love their joyful designs and their sustainable credentials.

We talk to co-founders Vibe and Rebecca about the inspiration behind the brand, female perspective in business and the future of the brand.

What inspired you to start your own brand, and how did your journey begin?

Our inspiration to start Sittingsuits stemmed from a realisation of an unaddressed need in the market for outdoor dining experiences. Rebecca (CEO/Co-founder of Sittingsuits) had 3 restaurants with 450 outdoor seats combined, and needed an alternative to environmentally un-friendly gas-heaters. She contacted Vibe (Designer/co-founder of Sittingsuits) in 2018 and together we developed and tested the Sittingsuits in Rebeccas own restaurants.

The journey began with this innovative idea, coupled with our shared passion for sustainability and design. Recognising the potential to fill this gap, we embarked on creating a brand that combines functionality and comfort without compromising on style or environmental responsibility. Unlike traditional outdoor attire, which emphasises movement and sports, we envisioned a product designed specifically for stillness and comfort in the outdoors.

In what ways do you think women entrepreneurs bring unique perspectives to the business world?

As women entrepreneurs, we bring a distinct blend of empathy, resilience, and strategic insight to the business world. Our approach is holistic, considering – besides of course the financial aspects – the social and environmental impact of our business decisions. We stand 100% on an equal footing with male-driven companies, focusing on building a solid foundation for our business. This foundation is crucial for our creativity and sustainability efforts led by Vibe, while Rebeccas strategic direction and business acumen ensures Sittingsuits’ robust presence in the market.

How do you approach innovation and creativity within your company?

Innovation and creativity are the lifeblood of Sittingsuits. Every team member is encouraged to think outside the box. Our approach is always seeking feedback and exploring new technologies to enhance both our product and our business operations.

In the context of your industry, how are you working towards sustainability and ethical practices?

Sustainability and ethical practices are foundational to our brand ethos. From the outset, Sittingsuits were designed with the dual purpose of providing comfort for outdoor relaxation while eliminating outdoor heaters and acrylic blankets that lasts at best a few months before being discarded. We use recycled materials and chemically tested certified fabrics.

How do you measure success, both personally and for your business?

Success for us is not solely about financial achievements but also about the impact we make on our community and the environment. Personally, success is about achieving a harmonious balance between leading a thriving business and contributing positively to the world around us.

For Sittingsuits, success is about sales and growth, high customer satisfaction, our sustainability initiatives, and our thriving brand community. We measure our success by the value we create for our customers, our contribution to the planet, and the strength of the foundation we’re building for our business.

Looking to the future, what aspirations do you have for Sittingsuits and yourself as founders?

Looking ahead, we are determined to continue on our path of sustainable innovation and market expansion. We aim to explore new opportunities, create meaningful collaborations, and broaden our market reach, always aligning with our core values of sustainability, comfort, and body inclusive style. Our aspirations extend beyond business success; we are committed to leading by example in the industry, championing sustainability, and inspiring both our community and other businesses to embrace responsible practices.

Words Katy Lassen, Founder Harbour & Tide
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