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About us

Too many magazines continue to promote the idea that women are mainly interested in how they look rather than what they do. Where achievement is measured on how little you can eat and how expensive your shoes are.

Yes there is a need for for escapism, inspiration and aspiration; Also Journal aims to redefine this for the contemporary woman. Aspiration is being a woman succeeding in business. Or succeeding as a mother and a wife and a friend. Women running creative companies, producing art, making films and being authentic in their pursuit of freedom and equality. There is a place for a new aspiration where beauty and brains and diversity – in age, size, ethnicity – are celebrated all together

We want to create that place

A place where we can discuss the achievements of creative women, regardless of what they look like, how old they are or who they know. Women who are making things, shaping things, changing things

A place where beautiful photography sits next to serious articles about the issues that really matter to women. A journal with a positive voice that speaks to women as the people they are, rather than assuming they want to be someone else. A platform that promotes authenticity and positive debate yet maintains a high level of style and design. These should not be mutually exclusive.

Women live simultaneous lives. We are so many things at once. We are daughters and sisters, mothers, wives and girlfriends. We are leaders, business owners and careerists, creators, educators and inventors. Some of us are aesthetically driven, some of us are not. Some of us are as passionate about politics as we are about clothes. Most of us do not look like models, actresses, socialites, pop stars and never will. Most of us really don’t care. And we shouldn’t, we really really shouldn’t.


Also offers a meaningful, positive, alternative voice in the fashion industry. Join us.

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