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Hana Knizova / Mothers

Feature 22.02.17

Photography Hana Knizova

We talk to Hana Knížová, the London based Czech photographer, about documenting her friends’ journeys into motherhood.

A lot of my friends have recently become mothers. I’ve been exploring the significant change it has brought into their lives and their relationship with their new family member, through my camera lens.

The images are intimate portraits of what I call “every day glamour”, often shot in a domestic environment.

The child has immediately become such a huge part of their mother’s life, almost an extension of themselves – especially in the first few years, where dependancy is the most recognisable.

It’s quite compelling to gradually watch the mothers’ projection of their attitude towards up-bringing onto her offspring; also to witness that certain personality traits of the mother becoming more prevalent, suddenly emerge or disappear in this new mother-child dynamic.

Hana Knížová studied MA Photography at the London College of Communication. Her work is regularly exhibited and she was awarded the John Kobal New Work Award 2013 by the National Portrait Gallery. She lives in London.

Photography Hana Knizova
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