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Generation Climate

Editorial 15.03.23

Photographer Kristina Varaksina Make Up Seunghee Yoo Hair Ami Fujita

In this exclusive series for Also Journal, photographer Kristina Varaksina photographs “Generation Climate”, a group of 15-19 year olds whose generation, one could argue,  have the last chance to save our planet. We find out their thoughts on what climate change means to them. 

Muwahhid & Nusaybah


“I believe climate change is an unfortunate consequence of our poor environmental choices on this planet.”
“I think climate change is a world-affecting problem. If climate change isn’t taken seriously soon enough, it will be irreversible. I fear we may already be at that point.”





“I think the climate crisis is reaching a point where it’s affecting everyone; not only are people in specific geographical locations and specific socioeconomic situations suffering, but it’s reaching government officials and upper class people too. Now they have less choice to avoid action, but there’s much more to be done in a time scale that’s too tight. Personally I believe in doing what you can (I don’t eat meat and I buy second hand), but individual responsibility is minimal unless the change starts at the top. It’s about putting pressure on powerful people.”


“Climate change is probably the most important issue that we face as a society today. I fear that by committing to making a difference, it will be too late to reverse the damage we have caused. There is not much that a single person can do about the issue, we have to make a collective effort to preserve our planet and I am confident that we can.”


“Climate change is the only thing that can keep me awake at night. It turns my mind into a battlefield between hope and complete despair.”

“I truly believe that climate change impacts us all. It’s only a matter of time before these changes will be deemed irreversible. Young voices must be amplified as we can influence the change for not just the future of our lifetimes but also for future generations. ”

Sophia & Olivia


“People need to do what they can to help slow down and prevent climate change as we are destroying the only thing keeping us alive. I believe that the Earth is precious and there is no Plan B so we should look after it.”
“I feel like climate change wouldn’t be such a problem if everyone played a small part and did what they could. My fear is that when I’m older, there is no recovery from climate change.”
“It makes thinking about the future limiting. I’ve had a very big fear of the end of the world as a child, so knowing that it’s a real possibility now is terrifying, knowing that it’s already killing and displacing millions of people is even more so”


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Photographer Kristina Varaksina Make Up Seunghee Yoo Hair Ami Fujita
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