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Editorial 11.06.18

Photography Lobke Leijser at The Next Chapter Words Katy Lassen Model and styling Jewaria Luu

Also speaks to model, influencer and law student Jewaria about life, fashion and pending motherhood.

Jacket by Rika Studios

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into modelling and fashion?

I started modelling at a young age. I have always wanted to be an actress but as I grew older people would always tell me I should become a model. So when I was 14 my friends started sending my pictures to agencies and that’s what launched my modelling career. 

Fashion has always been a big part of my life. Since I was a little girl I have loved experimenting with styling my outfits, make-up and hair. I stopped modelling for agencies a few years ago because I just wanted to be myself, and found it very unhealthy to be jeopardising my self image so much. I just wanted to be free and fully love my body. 

So I got tattooed heavily, which was always something of a naughty dream for me. And started making my own photos, with my own styling, hair and make-up. That’s also how my Instagram got started. 

Dress by ASOS

Shoes by Rika Studios

Swimsuit by Rika Studios

Congratulations on your pregnancy, how do you feel about becoming a mother?

Thank you! Weirdly enough it feels very natural. I’ve always been the motherly type, and was never a stereotypical teenager. My mom and family would always call me “omaatje” which in Dutch means “grandma” because I never really went clubbing or drank alcohol. I would always rather stay home and read books or go to classical or jazz concerts. 

I don’t think that becoming a mother will alter my lifestyle much since I already have a very grown-up way of living. I do think that motherhood will make me a more emphatic and soft character than I am now. I can be a bit harsh sometimes. To myself and also to others. 

Shirt and trousers by Acne Studios

Shoes by Rika Studios

What is a typical day for you at the moment?

When I became pregnant I really thought about what life path I wanted to take. I’ve always worked full time, mostly in casting. But when I found out I was pregnant I decided to leave my job and take a route I never thought I would take; I decided to go to law school which I start in September. Since January I’ve been taking exams so my days mainly consist of studying as well as shoots and PR events for my Instagram. 

How are you balancing work and rest in your pregnancy?

At the moment I’m not really. I’ve just been very focused on building a future for our little family. I do have to say that after my last exam tomorrow I will take a chill pill and rest full time for the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

Trenchcoat by Rika Studios 

What has been your career highlight so far?

I’ve had the privilege to experience so many amazing things that I can’t really choose. I do have to say that I’m super pleased with how my Instagram is developing into a business now (which I never imagined it would). I’m not even close to where I want my career to be now so it might be better to ask this question again in 10 years haha! 

Has being pregnant and anticipating becoming a parent changed your view of your work and/or the fashion industry?

Yeah, for sure. I’ve always been quite straight forward, but now that I’m pregnant this has intensified. It has taught me to say “no” a lot more. And to say “yes” to my own well being more. 

If you could choose one brand to start doing maternity wear what would it be?!

Balenciaga or Rika Studios

Photography Lobke Leijser at The Next Chapter Words Katy Lassen Model and styling Jewaria Luu Hair and Make-up Mascha Meyer at House of Orange using Moroccan Oil and Givenchy Beauty
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