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Shop 12.08.21

If the last 18 months has taught us anything it is that joy is a vital ingredient to a happy existence. This has been a year of long overdue reflection in the fashion industry. Many of us are reconsidering our priorities in the face of a global pandemic that has forced us to slow down, stay at home and focus on the present. As a result, comfort is probably the biggest trend of the year. With shops shut and movement reduced, most of us have been spending our money online, whether with our preferred brands or by supporting local and independent businesses. Most crucially, many of us have had the time to really consider the damage that the fashion industry is doing to the planet. However much joy we might derive from trying, buying and wearing new clothes, we can no longer pretend that our choices don’t have an impact. 

With that in mind, we are launching the Also Shop. A series of shoppable edits and curations for the conscious consumer. We want you to feel good about the things you buy now and in the future. Each edit will be a considered curation; with sustainable, organic and vegan products, as well as timeless quality pieces that are worth investing in. You will find small independent brands and ethical products sitting alongside conscious luxury and high street names. Whether it is recycled, season-less, rental or an investment, we are demanding more from what we buy; quality, longevity, less impact on the planet and on those who make our clothes. And of course a healthy dose of joy. 

Also Journal is committed to bringing you beautiful photography and thoughtful features that celebrate creative women. We value diversity in our casting, as well as our creative teams to reflect the world around us. We strive to promote positive images of women. Aspiration doesn’t have to stem from exclusivity or from unrealistic ideals and we are proud of our achievements since the launch in 2017. 

At Also Journal we ask ourselves, can we continue to produce content that promotes the consumption of new clothes?  The crux is making a profit within fashion publishing whilst we shoulder reservations about being part of the problem of overconsumption and climate change. We are ready to strike a new balance.  The Also Shop combines our love of shopping, fashion and lifestyle with our commitment to promoting sustainability, diversity and joy.

Come and take a look. We hope you like it.


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