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Charlotte Lapalus / Meditations on Isolation

Editorial 29.04.20

Photography Charlotte Lapalus Model Anonymous

Charlotte Lapalus documents an extended series of the feelings, observations, rituals and idiosyncrasies of her time in isolation in the South of France. We see her musings on the mind, the body, consumption and the planet, in what isolation means to her and the questions it raises.



social distancing

self care



stop counting

find balance

having a good time 

taking a nap 


through the window

cleaner air 

inventory 2.0

sensory activity 

nobody’s here

current mood


no man, no waste

supermarket queue

through the window, 2.0

to fall in love again

baby boom

-clean up- 

-support local produce-

-learn to be patient-

dream or nightmare?

nature takes back her rights

increased creativity

a new view

dressing up

be content with what we have

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