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Stef + Fos

Editorial 27.02.18

Photography Lobke Leijser at The Next Chapter Styling Ogenda Model Stef at Paparazzi Models and her son Fos

Blouse by Schueller De Waal, skirt by Ivy & Oak

Hi Stef! Lovely to have you in Also again, this time with your beautiful son Fos. How have you been?

I have been well thank you! Its been busy here. Combining school, work and home life.

Dress by Stieglitz

Is this the first time you have worked on a shoot with Fos? How did it feel to work with your son? Did you both enjoy it?!
We’ve worked together before but mostly he was quite difficult, because he doesn’t understand really whats going on and why he has to behave haha. Now that he is a bit older I noticed he enjoyed it more and we had a lot of fun! Also the photos were a bit more intimate and more about us, not about a product. Which gave it a better vibe for all of us I think.

Blouse by Weekday

Last year you said you had been travelling less, have you been able to pick this up or are you still working closer to home? 
I started school last September so I still haven’t been traveling much. I am really enjoying school life though. I started to study fashion design at the art academy in Utrecht, and I am really happy that I chose to do so. I always felt like it would be something for me, but was a bit too scared to try something different to modelling. I’m still working at the moment but I love being able to do both now.

Blouse by Weekday, skirt by Le Coyotes de Paris, shoes by Morobe

Since we last spoke I have had a baby girl so I now have a much deeper understanding of the challenges of combining work – especially in the fashion industry – and mothering, not to mention the almost impossible task of trying to have some time to yourself. Do you feel you are gaining more balance as Fos gets older?
Now Fos is getting older, I do feel like he can do more on his own already. Last year I felt he had to be entertained constantly. Still now I can hardly work at home though. He likes to ‘help’ with everything haha.
I try to make as much time free for Fos as possible, and when we have a weekend off we really plan in some family time the three of us, otherwise I’m scared I will think I missed out on a lot when I get older.
I have never been this hectic and busy in my life, but starting school was also good for me I think. It feels good to do something productive besides modelling, which I still really enjoy, but its nice to have a change sometimes.

Blouse by Scapa, Skirt by Essentiel, Shoes by Morobe

What do you have planned for 2018?
The rest of the year I will continue with school (I have 3 1/2 years to go haha) and we will be taking an Easter trip to Paris the three of us, so I am quite excited about that! I hope I can travel a bit more for work but also with my family.

Blouse by Schueller De Waal, skirt by Ivy & Oak, Shoes by Morobe

Photography Lobke Leijser at The Next Chapter Styling Ogenda Model Stef at Paparazzi Models and her son Fos Hair and make-up Mascha Meyer at House of Orange using Morrocan oil and Givenchy Beauty
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