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Editorial 24.10.19

Photography Theresa Marx Fashion Direction Simone Konu Rae Model Ali Tate Cutler

Also spends a day by the sea with the inimitable Ali Tate and talks diversity, body positivity and time management. More than just a model, Ali is a force to be reckoned with.

Dress by Rosetta Getty

A big driver for us at Also is diversity in the women we present and represent, I know this is something you are passionate about too. It seems that at last there is a body positivity and diversity movement within fashion, can you tell us a bit about your journey?

When I first started modelling, the windows of opportunity for women my size were very small. Only a few select brands that catered to plus size were carrying clothes above a UK 14/16. Now, the options of jobs I can do have expanded dramatically. Mainstream brands have their plus offerings, and there are a lot of cool editorial things that have opened up to curve models. So many exciting jobs are taking place these days for a diverse array of sizes. In the eight years that I have been modelling I have seen my career expand tremendously with the times.

Bodysuit by Paula Knorr

Shirt by AWAKE, Trench coat by Norma Kamali 

You have a strong grip on your modelling career and you are very involved in deciding which jobs you take on. Has this been easy to establish and how does it impact your work?

I definitely like to be hands on with my career, my career is my baby. I don’t think most business owners would take a hands off approach to their work, and I don’t think models should with theirs either. We have a chance to create a beautiful business, because at the end of the day, models are their own product. I say what jobs I want to do, and what I don’t. This gives me the opportunity to guide my business in the direction I want to see it go.

Bodysuit by Maison Margiela

You have been collaborating with brands as they extend their sizing to be more inclusive. How much do you think the industry is changing and what still needs to be done?

I think the industry is changing almost too quickly to keep track of. When before in between sizes never worked, they are working like crazy now. More diverse skin tones are becoming the norm. LGBTQ people are getting a lot more representation in fashion. These are all positive steps. I do think I would like to see no differentiation between models no matter their size or gender. Models are models, period.

Trench coat by Bite Studios, bodysuit by Wolford, white tights by Falke 

Blazer by Joseph 

Dress by AWAKE,

Your list of Instagram stories gives us a glimpse of how busy you are; Plogging, Podcast, Public Speaking, Modelling… how do you fit it all in?

Yes I am one busy lady! All those activities go alongside holding down an 8 year marriage and keeping up with friends. I budget my time really well, and usually don’t have much downtime. Plus all of these things you listed are things that light me up, and make me excited. Well, maybe except for the public speaking!

When you are not working, how do you relax?

When I’m not working, I relax by going into nature; going on hikes, playing with my dogs, doing yoga and meditating or doing breath work. Laying on my couch all day watching Netflix with my man. I have a lot of ways to decompress and they all work at different times.
Photography Theresa Marx Fashion Direction Simone Konu Rae Model Ali Tate Cutler Words Katy Lassen Hair Lauraine Bailey Make Up Anna Ingis Hall using Omorovicza skin care and Code8 beauty Styling assistance Cathy Nemanic
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